Mod. Urano

Universal Remote Control



  • The Universal Remote Control mod. URANO is compatible with most audio/video devices on the market. It can replace your original remote controls and can store codes for 7 different audio/video devices. The RCU contains an archive of pre-programmed codes. The code search for your device can be done in three ways:
    - fast (direct insertion of code by reference list)
    - simple ("automatic" code search from the inside archive )
    - sequential ("manual" code search from the inside archive)
  • Features

    Control it can remote up to 7 A/V devices
    3 methods of searching codes automatic / manual / with code
    Keys 51
    Operating system infrared
    Teletxt function available
    Power feeding 2 batteries AAA 1.5V (not included)
    Dimensions 19 x 6.5 x 1 cm
    Weight 108 g (batteries included)

    Item code: 10102

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    Universale remote control mod. Urano
    User's Manual in Italian


    Download User's Manual download
    Download codes list download
    Download codes list for Cobra products (for lot I/N 9-107) download